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  rf 786910151d Integrate pygame_gui with game input system 2 weeks ago
  rf 70aad91ac6 Started making editor useful(?) 3 weeks ago
  rf 1affa83e14 Commiting Pipfiles with pygame_gui installed. 3 weeks ago
  rf c559e1b5f4 Added new player sprite / box object. Added gamepad input events to Input class. Testing out pygame_gui. 3 weeks ago
  rf 36f132bd6f Using Util.delta() in Objects & Entities. CollObj tracks 'touching' collision state now. 3 weeks ago
  rf cd7923a74e Target fps moved from Screen class to Util which has tick() and delta() functions for FPS-independent calculations. 3 weeks ago
  rf 887fb10152 Overhauled input events with InputEvent class to run their functions 1 month ago
  rf 7811fedda0 Implemented walljumps. Inputs can now be paused but needs big overhaul. Object touch detection (e.g. if close to wall). Fixed coll sectorsgit status 1 month ago
  rf 8b7119a1ff Changes to debug layer setting, coll sector logic 11 months ago
  rf 93b7db452b Player physics changes and stuff. 11 months ago
  rf a6d416c651 Mostly debug print changes to obj/objects.py 11 months ago
  rf 171aab91e9 sprite alpha=-1 skips convert calls or something 11 months ago
  rf e05c51bbfd Register input events in dict per trigger state. 11 months ago
  rf 213af49346 Add profiler. 11 months ago
  rf ae6f2900ab Put all corners of an object in the respective coll_sectors... 1 year ago
  rf 89567a3190 Added option to draw tile layers to surfaces with dirty flag. Not seeing any noticable speed difference right now though. 1 year ago
  rf a2874861d3 Introduce collision sectors to partition space. 1 year ago
  rf 6c6a08c05e A jumpy boy needs to rewrite collision code, maybe. 1 year ago
  rf d62c628c8b Map has collision data. Player collides with map, but all janky. Cam is now object in Game class. Debug map layers and other stuff. Sprites can be mirrored. Idk what else. 1 year ago
  rf e6119a0aaf Implement screen_to_level_pos and tile_at for Levels. Works with mousepos. 1 year ago
  rf a76011e95d Background can be static now! 1 year ago
  rf 3071f8e9ee None-debug mode... 1 year ago
  rf a11ca11a7b Refactor objects to have BaseObject that handles position and rect and such, but isn't a pygame sprite. SpriteObject is subclass of pygame Sprite and BaseObject. 1 year ago
  rf 5f5d7dc817 Update python to 3.8 and pygame to 2.0.0.dev6. 1 year ago
  rf b760c24dbb Start putting together Level with Map and Camera 1 year ago
  rf fd9ea315ce Debug mode 1 year ago
  rf af7a4c99bb Split util.py into modules. 1 year ago
  rf a03d2bd395 Done moving things into folders. 1 year ago
  rf 89255181a7 Start moving things into subpackages (folders...) 1 year ago
  rf f1721f1514 renamed: anim.py -> effects.py 1 year ago
  rf a9365893cf Add .metrics to ignooore! 1 year ago
  rf 19d3b00c96 Map rendering gets going! 1 year ago
  rf f093a70892 Semi-smart tilesheet generator! Woo! 1 year ago
  rf 64906f129b CCMS: Crazy convoluted menu system. Send help. I hope it has no bugs. 1 year ago
  rf 1914775893 Support animations elegantly(?). With collision. Finally. Not gonna rotate anims. 1 year ago
  rf 9cc36c1041 We got a menu system! 1 year ago
  rf 514603752d Copied base code from asteroids game. 1 year ago
  rf 995b1a28f1 Initial commit 1 year ago